Vehicle Bonnet Projects

Here at Artworx we have been customising all kinds of vehicles with airbrush artwork for the last few years, and bonnets are very popular pieces to have done.

Below is a gallery of some of our previous bonnet artworx projects that have been completed.

Iron Maiden 'The Trooper' Bonnet (2014)

This was our first airbrushed bonnet, and it was a slightly modified version of the cover of 'The Tropper' by Iron Maiden. This artwork was airbrushed on a Ford Mondeo bonnet, using the car's original paintwork as the base. We think this was not bad for a first go!

Ironmaiden Bonnet 1

Iron Maiden bonnet

Batman and Joker Bonnet (2014)

We were fortunate enough to be able to purchase a Ford Fiesta bonnet (even though we didn't have a Ford!) to airbrush a new design onto in 2014. We chose Batman and The Joker as they are iconic and will draw attention at a show. This bonnet came out well, note the background with a subtle-yet-obvious bat airbrused in. This bonnet was later purchased and displayed proudly on a Ford Corsa at future shows.

Batman and Joker Bonnet 1

Batman and Joker Bonnet 2

Batman and Joker on Ford

'Father and Daughter' Ford Tribute Bonnet (2015)

We were asked to airbrush a Ford Fiesta bonnet to be used on display at shows. The artwork was of the Ford that the bonnet was on, and also her fathers beloved Ford sat next to it. This turned out to be a nice tribute to their 'Father and Daughter' relationship and love of Fords.

Two Fords Bonnet 1

Two Fords Bonnet 2

Two Fords Bonnet 3

Paul Walker Tribute Bonnet (2015)

We had the opporunity to organise an airbrushing event at the Greenhous Car and Van Sales Centre in Newtown, Powys. A fellow talented airbrush artist 'Custom Sammy Cave' came along, and both Lee and Sammy airbrushed Ford Fiesta ST Bonnets for the onlooking visitors. This bonnet was a fitting tribute to the car enthusiast icon Paul Walker who had lost his life in a tragic car accident. This bonnet was auctioned for charity and the proud owner displayed it in his business reception!

Paul Walker Bonnet 1

Paul Walker Bonnet 2

Avengers Black and White T4 Bonnet (2015)

Everybody must know the Marvel Avengers by now, and we chose this as the theme to airbrush onto our own VW T4 Campervan bonnet back in 2015.The design was linked to the van's overall colour scheme of black, white and a hint of light blue and came out really well. Sadly the campervan moved onto a new home a few years later, we miss it everyday!

Avenger T4 bonnet 1

Avengers T4 Bonnet 2

Avengers Bonnet on T4

'Game of Thrones' Jaguar XJ Bonnet (2019)

In Summer 2019 we opened up our first public workshop at The British Ironwork Centre (near Oswestry, Shropshire) and as part of the celebrations we painted one the centres display vehicle bonnets. The Jaguar XJ has a metal dragon sculpture on the roof and it sits proudly by the entrance in the car park. The visitors have adopted the vehicle as 'Daenerys' from Game of Thrones due to the Dragon, so it was only natural that she appeared on the airbrushed bonnet with her three dragons!

GoT Bonnet 1

GoT Bonnet

The Avengers 'End Game' T4 Bonnet (2019)

One of our most recent airbrushed bonnet has become a bit of a 'masterpiece'. The theme and final design were voted for by our dedicated Facebook Business Page following, so the pressure was on to do the design justice in real life. This bonnet took several weeks to complete and has a whole host of the Avengers End Game characters on. Epic! This bonnet is currently for sale if anyone wants a 'show stopper' at upcoming VW shows!

End Game T4 Bonnet

End Game T4 Bonnet 2

'The Jedi Master' VW T5 Bonnet (2019)

A new works van meant thatnew airbrush artwork was required! Seen as the van is green, it made complete sense that we went for a Star Wars Yoda theme! Lots of the British Ironwork Centre visitors had the opportunity to see this piece come to fruition, and it is proudly driven around on the Lee Morgan Artworx T5 today!

Yoda T5 Bonnet 1

Yoda T5 Bonnet 2

Yoda T5 Bonnet 3